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Dyslexia and Science

21st May 2021 During this week we saw glimpses of spring weather and as I spent some time in Wales I was lucky enough to see some spring lambs up close. Spring must be a happy time to be a VET with the births of such creatures that seem to be a symbol of newContinue reading “Dyslexia and Science”


Dyslexia in the business world

18th March 2021 This week is a busy week, ‘Neurodiversity Celebration Week’ together with the well known ‘Comic Relief day‘ tomorrow, 19th March. Lets celebrate differences and work together to help give all children a brighter future. An organisation that provides help and support is The Prince’s Trust. “We believe that every young person shouldContinue reading “Dyslexia in the business world”

Learning Lines with Dyslexia

11th March 2021 International Women’s Day was on Monday, a day I can not let pass without a formal recognition and to give a salut to all you women out there. There are many women who deserve special recognition but for now I would like to celebrate my female friends, you know who you are,Continue reading “Learning Lines with Dyslexia”

Dyslexia – Visual strengths in sport

20th November 2020 Half way through Lockdown Part 2, how are you as an individual coping? Throwing yourself into work (at home if you can), getting creative, learning a new hobby/new language, online Christmas shopping??? Or having a meltdown? Everyone deals with situations in different ways so my message to all those family ‘bubbles’ thatContinue reading “Dyslexia – Visual strengths in sport”