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Reading for Pleasure

5th March 2021 Second post this week, this being ”World Book Day” week I just couldn’t resist. It’s also March and I can see signs that spring is on its way which definitely gives me pleasure. I have written previous posts on the topic of reading so at the risk of repeating myself I willContinue reading “Reading for Pleasure”


Dyslexia- sequencing and repeated patterns

5th February 2021 How has Childrens Mental Health Week gone for you? I hope you found some time at some point of the week to talk, slow down and reconnect. To continue, maybe have a look at a selection of books which have been chosen to build young people’s empathy Also to help inContinue reading “Dyslexia- sequencing and repeated patterns”

Christmas Mnemonic

7th December 2020 Don’t panic! Its not Friday, this is just a little extra bonus to get you in the festive spirit. I have just listened to this and it ‘reminded’ me that I always ‘forget’ the correct order of this song. It comes around each year and each year I have forgotten again! HowContinue reading “Christmas Mnemonic”