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Lateral Thinking

30th June 2021 I have been writing this weekly blog since September 2020, I do hope it has been of some help. I have decided to take a summer holiday away from writing for 2 weeks, to relax and unwind and have family fun. Come rain or shine my plans are to have no plans.Continue reading “Lateral Thinking”


A Creative Resilient Dyslexic

17th June 2021 A few days ago the Queens birthday Honours list was announced. As stated within Gov.Uk: ‘Caring Nation’ ‘The Queen’s Birthday Honours List 2021 demonstrates the extraordinary efforts made by individuals in all four nations of the United Kingdom during the pandemic. The List includes those who have worked throughout the crisis, puttingContinue reading “A Creative Resilient Dyslexic”

Dyslexia and Social Comparison

13th May 2021 Todays post is all about Self-belief, Confidence, Motivation and Positive Attitude. ‘The Grass is always Greener on the other side…’, ever heard of that saying? Comparing yourself or your life to others is a normal basic human instinct. It starts from an early age, think about a toddler who often thinks anotherContinue reading “Dyslexia and Social Comparison”

Confidence with Dyslexia

9th April 2021 Would you describe yourself as a confident person or do you lack self assurance? I would probably say I am something in the middle of the two depending on the specific task at hand. Imagine if, from a very early age, you feel a ‘failure’ after being continuously confronted with adverse eventsContinue reading “Confidence with Dyslexia”

Design and Dyslexia

19th February 2021 This week I bring together the two things that interest me the most, the Dyslexic brain and beautiful thoughtful design. What do The Pompidou Centre in Paris, Lloyds Skyscraper and Millennium Dome in London, The Daimler Chrysler building in Berlin all have in common? Richard Rogers – Prize winning Architect! Born inContinue reading “Design and Dyslexia”

Make a World of Difference

22nd January 2021 We are in the middle of a global pandemic. When I say ‘we’ I am referring to the worlds population. During this nightmare situation one saying has been proved correct, ‘no man is an island’ (poet John Donne). Each country is part of a whole, we are all in this together. TogetherContinue reading “Make a World of Difference”

Nature or Nurture

8th January 2020 Happy New year to you all, wishing you a healthy and happy 2021. Lockdown 3 was expected but never the less it brings worrying times for many. During these unprecedented, doubtful times we all need a bit of emotional support. The feeling that someone is there for you, understands how you areContinue reading “Nature or Nurture”

Dyslexia – Visual strengths in sport

20th November 2020 Half way through Lockdown Part 2, how are you as an individual coping? Throwing yourself into work (at home if you can), getting creative, learning a new hobby/new language, online Christmas shopping??? Or having a meltdown? Everyone deals with situations in different ways so my message to all those family ‘bubbles’ thatContinue reading “Dyslexia – Visual strengths in sport”