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Pictures and Dyslexia

24th April 2021 After a trip to my nearest IKEA store this week I have decided to dedicate this weeks post to its founder, Ingvar Kamprad. You may not have heard of him before but the company would not be the household name as it is today without him. Not only due to his entrepreneurContinue reading “Pictures and Dyslexia”


Dyslexia in the business world

18th March 2021 This week is a busy week, ‘Neurodiversity Celebration Week’ together with the well known ‘Comic Relief day‘ tomorrow, 19th March. Lets celebrate differences and work together to help give all children a brighter future. An organisation that provides help and support is The Prince’s Trust. “We believe that every young person shouldContinue reading “Dyslexia in the business world”

Design and Dyslexia

19th February 2021 This week I bring together the two things that interest me the most, the Dyslexic brain and beautiful thoughtful design. What do The Pompidou Centre in Paris, Lloyds Skyscraper and Millennium Dome in London, The Daimler Chrysler building in Berlin all have in common? Richard Rogers – Prize winning Architect! Born inContinue reading “Design and Dyslexia”