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Christmas Mnemonic

7th December 2020 Don’t panic! Its not Friday, this is just a little extra bonus to get you in the festive spirit. I have just listened to this and it ‘reminded’ me that I always ‘forget’ the correct order of this song. It comes around each year and each year I have forgotten again! HowContinue reading “Christmas Mnemonic”


Dyslexia and Phonics

4th December 2020 December is here! Is your tree up yet, opened your advent calendar? This is definitely going to be a strange Christmas but I challenge you to find a positive in the situation. It maybe a more relaxed Christmas as nowhere to go, you might save money on zoom parties rather than theContinue reading “Dyslexia and Phonics”

Dyslexia – Visual strengths in sport

20th November 2020 Half way through Lockdown Part 2, how are you as an individual coping? Throwing yourself into work (at home if you can), getting creative, learning a new hobby/new language, online Christmas shopping??? Or having a meltdown? Everyone deals with situations in different ways so my message to all those family ‘bubbles’ thatContinue reading “Dyslexia – Visual strengths in sport”

Dyslexia : Picture a memory

30th October 2020 Its halloween weekend but I think everyone will agree that actually 2020 has been scary enough already! Whatever you are doing this weekend it probably won’t be the same as past year celebrations (especially if you have children). But with a little imagination and ‘big picture’ thinking I am sure you willContinue reading “Dyslexia : Picture a memory”

Dyslexia – two sides of a coin

16th October 2020 Friday again, hello! This week I have been looking at the two arguments of a debate (hear enough of that in the government at the moment), differing points of view, the flipside, two sides of a story etc. In dyslexia terms, the age old debate seems to continue …… To label orContinue reading “Dyslexia – two sides of a coin”