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A little introduction ….

Deb Robinson

The Dyslexic Brain

Find your strengths!

I have spent 10 years in a primary school setting working with and supporting dyslexic children, achieving Approved Practitioners Status. I am an avid reader and love stories of any kind. The escapism, inspiration and imagination!

I understand that reading for some causes difficulty and anxiety. Reading may not be your thing, but what is? Spend some time thinking about your interests and your strengths for a change rather than your challenges.

Prior to lockdown 2020, I had an idea to go into as many schools as possible to help as many children with dyslexic tendencies as possible. Due to the times that hasn’t been possible. So I thought of a blog! To reach you in your own homes. Why stop at children? Hopefully my blog maybe of interest to all.

I hope you find my ramblings to be informative and positive. Every one can learn and achieve they just need:

  • To understand and develop their strengths
  • Have Self Belief
  • And be willing to give it a go…

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