Social and Emotional Learning

2nd September 2021

A new school year has begun for many in the UK. With relaxation of some COVID restrictions, there may a glimpse of what school life maybe like post lockdowns whilst we learn to ‘life with’ covid?

The effects of the pandemic have been horrific and well documented throughout in the media. The social and emotional consequences also need to be considered. The anxieties, worries, frustration, helplessness and negative thoughts by adults swell as children.

Protecting the psychological health of children through effective communication about COVID-19

Louise Dalton,Elizabeth Rapa, and  Alan Stein

The above article highlights the importance of communication and knowledge of the situation.

“Parents would do anything to protect their children from distress and might avoid talking about difficult feelings and events. However, research shows that even children as young as 2 years are aware of the changes around them. The information provided needs to take into account the child’s age and level of understanding. When this information is absent, children attempt to make sense of the situation on their own.”

If left to their own ideas on the situation, would those ideas be factually correct? Helpful or damaging?

Children can be effected by their parents own anxieties. It is important to be aware of a child’s mindset and effectively communicate correct information, share your own feelings and strategies you use to cope and encourage discussions on how they feel.

Hopefully Governments will see the need to address the social and emotional effects of Covid in children and develop adequate polices in schools that allow for provision of emotional learning.

Social and Emotional learning is something I consider should be evident in schools in any event. It is an area of the curriculum which needs developing, all children would benefit especially children faced with a learning difference.


I speak more about emotional learning, mindset,self esteem, resilience and Dyslexia in a presentation at The Dyslexia Institute UK Conference on 9th and 10th September.

This proves to be a very informative conference with many varied speakers. With the advantage that you can be as involved on the conference days as you wish to be or not! Its recorded so all presentations can be listened to at your own convenience.

You also get some Dyslexia goodies and the much needed CPD points if you are a teacher/tutor?

See the link below for more information and tickets:

The Manchester band, New Order, have kindly give permission to use their single,

Be a Rebel, to be the theme tune of the conference. A song that embraces and

empowers being different:


With the correct knowledge, emotional support, interventions and strategies – grows Resilience and the best YOU that YOU can be!

Hopefully see you at the conference and back next month here at ‘words and me’

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