Dyslexia: A different way of thinking

26th May 2021

How much do you really know about dyslexia? If you played the word association game, one person says a word and you say the first word that immediately comes to mind. What would your reply be to the word ‘dyslexia’?

Give it a go, I would love to hear of your responses.

Would it be a negative or positive word? Whether you are a dyslexic, a Parent, a support teacher, or someone who has never had any dealings with the condition may affect your thoughts.

Parents can often be in despair when faced with a child’s Dyslexia diagnoses. That child sees this response and immediately thinks negatively.

Dyslexia is a challenge in mainstream education where so much emphasis is placed on the written word. No one can doubt that. However, starting the journey with a negative mindset does not help.

Many dyslexics who have gone on to achieve their goals have attributed their success to their determination, resilience and self belief that they can conquer their challenges. Whether these attributes have been born by their experiences in school or their personalities (nature or nurture), I can not say.

Can early challenges lead to skills a persons would not have acquired without their difficulties?

Also the public impression of dyslexia is becoming more balanced with the help of media accounts etc explaining that people with dyslexia have their own strengths. Also with famous dyslexics speaking out and becoming role models. The tide is turning but more does need to be done.

To change preconceptions and attitudes. To see the importance of early identification so that the correct interventions and support can be put in place and the child can flourish in the face of challenges. For children to recognise their strengths and build their self esteem.

Dyslexia is a different way of thinking, and differences are good.



I feel the need for harmony
And I look around, but it’s not what I see
I see angry faces looking at me
And I want to know what makes them so
For this world can be a dangerous place
But it’s all we got, and it’s quite a lot

Take a look at yourself
You may not be the same as everyone else
You’re just different, and that’s okay
We all follow our own way

And if you find that they won’t listen
Then they’ve got nothing to say
So don’t get mad and don’t feel sad
Be a rebel, not a devil
(Be a rebel, not a devil)

There will come a day
When your fear and self-doubt fades away
Because you have achieved what you need
There’s no doubt in your heart

The above link is from The Dyslexia Institute Uk website https://www.dyslexiainstituteuk.com/

Details of their upcoming virtual Conference, Early bird ticket prices available until 9th June, have a look.

Roger Broadbent from The Dyslexia Institute UK recently wrote an article called ‘Dyslexia and Prejudice’ for SEN magazine May/June 2021 edition, which is worth a read.

The word association game is also a quick game you can play anytime anywhere. It can develop your child’s vocabulary, is fun and costs nothing. See how long you can keep it up until one person hesitates or says a word already used.

Enjoy next week, for some a bank holiday and a week off school.

As always I would love to hear from you with any comments or questions.


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