Christmas Mnemonic

7th December 2020

Don’t panic! Its not Friday, this is just a little extra bonus to get you in the festive spirit.

Robinstyle photos

I have just listened to this and it ‘reminded’ me that I always ‘forget’ the correct order of this song. It comes around each year and each year I have forgotten again! How about you. Have a listen ….

I have now challenged myself, and therefore you, to try and think of ways to remember the list!

A mnemonic, also known as a memory aid, is a tool that helps you remember an idea or phrase with a pattern of letters, numbers, or relatable associations. 

Here are some of the ways I came up way…..

  1. picture cards, these can be downloaded from Or, even better, make your own! Along with singing the song maybe show these up as picture cues. Or cut them up, then put them together again in order. Or do a pairs sort of game, where you have to remember the items in twos, first day and second day is a pair and so on? Then try and find where 3 and 4 are etc. See who can find the 6 pairs the fastest?

2. Using your memory palace! Think about your home, start from outside looking at the front door. Then go around in order. Maybe you see the partridge in the tree, turtle doves are the door bell. Hens open the door, birds in the hallway, gold rings on your kitchen hob. Geese on your sofa, swans in the bath etc….. Get the idea?

Robinstyle photos

3. Use the first letters of the list and put them into a saying you may remember. Make it fun and personal. 12 on a list is hard so maybe split it up.

Please Take Father Christmas Gold Glitter

So Many Ladies Love Presents Delivered

You make be able to remember all of them without any problem just by the constant use of the same rhythm. The way the items are repeated each verse reminds me of playing the ‘When I went shopping game’. Ever played it? It’s a great free memory game which can be played anywhere. Maybe play it on a trip to the shops and change it to “When we go Christmas shopping I will buy….”

Happy singing and shopping (shop local if you can), see you Friday and lets see if you have found a way to help you remember the order. Be imaginative, stay safe!


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